Friday, February 6, 2009

Ice Picks (get it?? Ha Ha)

I arrived home this afternoon after being gone for three days to find the neighborhood in recovery. It was 64 degrees outside and sunny. I opened the windows and relaxed to a soft breeze, the soothing sound of my windchimes, and countless chainsaws buzzing in the background. If anyone needs any firewood, just bring a truck down and everyone here will be more than happy to let you pick from the piles in front of their houses. This house is across the street from me. The city is supposed to come around and pick up these goodies as long as the branches are cut less than six feet long so people have been cutting and stacking for days. Anyway, while I was loading the wood pics I found a bunch of other pictures of the ice and thought you might enjoy...


  1. Wow, Looks like Tulsa did when they had that big ice storm a couple years ago. But now maybe Spring will look that much better

  2. Those are amazing pics Tracy! So glad you guys made it through that.

  3. When can we see a picture of your house?