Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Enough is Enough

I have officially had enough. I quit. I'm broke, tired and overwhelmed. My house is a mess, I've got way too much work to do and shit just keeps piling up.

We got back into the house on Saturday and while we were so happy to be home we walked into a huge mess and our cable was still laying across the back yard. The cable runs our TV, internet and home phone. We spent Sunday cleaning out the fridge, shopping for food, cleaning and restocking Kyle's fish tank and putting together all the things that we disassembled so quickly while we were trying to leave like dog crates, snake cages etc.

I did get to go out on Saturday night for my Birthday with some friends and had a really good time. There were tons of Linesmen (electric, not football) there from out of state and I kissed them all (some more than once)! I also got to see the Super Bowl on Sunday at a friends house so everything was looking up for a couple of days. The fridge was stocked, school was back in, the floors were clean and the laundry was getting done.

Tuesday morning came with the cable still down but our hopes up until a phone call this evening from my Landlord became the straw that broke the camels back. Apparently they need to repair the place where the electric line connects to the house, replace the fuse box with a breaker box and fix the roof where some shingles came loose. All this must happen without the power on so they will turn it off tomorrow and leave it off for at least a day. No amount of pleading and begging will change his mind so goodbye new fish, goodbye fridge full of fresh food, goodbye bank account, goodbye sanity. I even cried but to no avail, This will all happen tomorrow while I'm out of town and Kyle is left with the burden. To top it all off, the cable came back on but my 5 month old wireless box is fried and must be replaced and guess where I bought it....Circuit City!!! Of course. Just my luck.

So I give up. I'm officially giving in to this crap. I'm sad and frustrated, I miss my girls and I'm worried about their stupid volcano situation. Screw the big girl panties, they are thrown into the corner with my discarded work out clothes. I'm taking my tears and my dog and going to bed. See ya later


  1. Whew, it does come in bunches doesn't it. Let's just hope that they get it done quickly so you don't lose much.

  2. Sometimes you just gotta be sad. It's ok to hide under the covers and have a good old fashioned pity party as long as you put a limit on it. One day is fine, two is not. The world goes on and so must we. Dammit!