Thursday, February 26, 2009

Big Daddy Thunders!

Have I mentioned that I want to be a storm chaser when I grow up? Well, that's after my professional football career is over of course but I love love love storms, rain, hail, tornadoes and of course, all different types of sky and clouds.

We are having my very favorite type of storm right now, it's about 65 to 70 outside. It's been cloudy all day, and a little windy but warm. The thunder started about an hour ago, Big Daddy Thunders too! Shake the house Thunders! Complete with lightning. And all of this was right at dusk too, my favorite time of day. The sounds of the thunder were perfectly mingled with the sounds from my many wind chimes and the hundreds of Cardinals that live in my back yard squabbling over their supper. Perfect temperature, perfect light, perfect time of day. The rain was slow to start but came pounding down soaking everything. I'll hate the mud tomorrow (and the muddy dogs!) but for now we're sitting in a house with all the windows and doors open listening to the sound of thunder and rain. We even got a little hail. Terrific kick off to the spring storm season and a nice drink for my daffodils and tulips that are coming up out front. Yeah!


  1. This is from Max

    I love it! Though too much wind scares me a bit- I love the sound of rain- on the roof- and thunder- But we don't have quite the same storms in Ohio- not at all like Oklahoma- and I do miss them. Aunt Max
    I love your description of the storm- I almost could hear the music of the wind chimes.

  2. I agree with Max. Ohio just doesn't know thunder storms. I'm hoping our new glassed in porch will allow us to at least sit in the weather to enjoy what storms we have.

  3. Got snow here, didnt stick but that means no cool warm air and Tstorms. :( Love you sis!