Thursday, February 5, 2009

Grow up Already!

Well another couple of days have passed and total disaster has yet to strike so I guess I'm duty bound to pick the big girl panties up off the floor and get on with acting like an adult. I knew this week was going to suck so instead of harping on the terrible things I guess I'll try to focus on what's good...

They did not turn off my power on Tuesday night as anticipated. The roofer and electrician thought that it would take too long so that has been put off until Monday morning when they can do it and still get the power back on the same day. Soooo, much ado about nothing, thank goodness.

I'm still stuck out of town but the store that I'm working with has done a terrific job of stepping up and is actually in pretty good shape and ready for inventory tomorrow. I've had a couple of managers from others stores helping and they are doing good and learning a lot too soooo, not so bad there either. Work is going well, and my team is successful and happy.

I did have to drive all the way to Kansas City and back today, 7 hour round trip for a stupid 2 hour meeting but it's over and done with now and I got to see a friend that I haven't seen for a while and have lunch with him. I even got a kiss for my trouble, soooo, almost any kiss is worth a 7 hour drive and I'm a pretty happy camper tonight.

Mt. Redoubt is still threatening to erupt but my girls are in school and bitching about homework and their boyfriends. They're not worried or scared at all soooo, I guess I don't get to use that as an excuse for misery.

Tomorrow is Friday and I get to go home, the weather is beautiful and warm, I can start hitting the gym again on Saturday and I don't have to spend any nights out of town next week (I think). Wow, I don't know what I'll do with a whole week at home. Maybe I can remind Kyle of what home cooked food is. No, never mind. I can't imagine what pictures of my idea of home cooked food would look like next to Max and Amy's culinary delights. Anyone want to see a picture of Lipton Noodles and Sauce or perhaps Sloppy Joe's? I could stick some frozen Texas Toast in the oven and have it with our Hunts Spaghetti sauce....

Anyway, all is well again at least for now. I'll keep looking for excuses to be miserable and drama to focus on so that I don't have to look too closely at myself and perhaps, you know, encounter some really scary emotion. Maybe together we can hope that I don't find any...


  1. Aw come on Tracy, We all love sloppy joes. Spice them up with a little piece a green stuff on the side, you know like a piece of parsley to really make it look good. I'll bet Kyle will be overwhelmed.

  2. I love that you are focusing on the positive! And that last paragraph? Wow. Talk about some introspection (is that a word?). I love you.

  3. I love you because reading that I know I am not alone in my culinary boringdome! (is that a word? It is now!) Nothing fancy or gourmet, no new discoveries, just sticking with what I know they will eat that wont get thrown away because it's icky! We can cook and eat together! (if we ever get the chance!)