Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Momo says....

Momo says that I have to change my blog because she's tired of seeing the "Big Girl Panties" every time she logs on. I do have a couple of subjects that I've been wanting to blog about but I'm struggling with picture placement etc and am not quite ready to publish them. Stay with me, I'm not giving up, just figuring things out. Ok Momo, you win. It's changed!! Here's a pic of Kyle and his football guys holding hands and a pic of you telling the big girl panties where to go.....


  1. I had no idea that Elaine knew sign language.

  2. Oh yes. Her daughter has taught her well. Elaine can sign many different swears with enthusiasm and glee! So can her sisters. We had a hilarious (and informative) ferry ride to Alcatraz one year where I taught the sisters everything I knew. Ah, memories!