Friday, March 13, 2009

Big Girl Panties? Coming Up!!

I have tons and tons to write about after my wonderful and much anticipated week with my girls but I think I'm going to have to follow Amy's example and write about it a little at a time. While I'm still getting my thoughts together and decompressing a little right now, I did want to let everyone know that they can relax a little and breathe, MOMO HAS HER BIG GIRL PANTIES!!!!

On the girls first night in town we had planned a family get together to celebrate their arrival and have a late birthday party for Momo. I had to break the news of Mom's newest challenge to the girls when they arrived and of course they were worried about her and had lots of questions. I explained everything to them and while we were talking about it I realized that my biggest worry for my mother was not about her health but more about her state of mind.

There's a line between worry and panic that every mother has. When your child is sick and you're caring for them you worry, you do whatever you think is right to break their fever, stop their cough, make them comfortable and take away their pain. Sometimes there comes the moment when you know that you aren't in control anymore and you need a doctor. . This moment almost always comes about 9pm on Friday when there's no hope of finding a doctor and you are left with the emergency room being your only option. After six kids, I know exactly where this line is and have learned how to listen to that little inner voice and trust it. When I close my eyes and really listen, I know in my heart that Mom will be ok.

The bigger worry has been that SHE doesn't know it. She's been really pissed of (and rightly so) and frustrated and has sort of been hiding out and wallowing. The girls and I decided to give her a hand. Since she 's been unable to locate her Big Girl Panties, we got her some new ones and extracted a promise from her that she'll wear them over her pants to this years Relay for Life. (Kyle has already informed her that since once around the track didn't do the trick, she has to walk around it twice this year!)
Anyway, everyone can relax now, Momo is all set up for this challenge and I'm sure that she'll be fine. By the way, if anyone else needs a pair, you can get them at Wal Mart! Who would of thunk it??


  1. They do look quite appropriate and I'm sure that they will do the trick. I just want pictures of that trip around the track. I think maybe it will be a victory lap.

  2. From Max:

    Hi Tracy, I laughed out loud. You and the kids are just the medicine Momo needs now! Way to go. Aunt Max
    PS- I can't wait to hear all about the girls visit.

  3. Those are fabulous! Can't wait to see them on. :)

  4. You and I are truly sisters because I found a pair of size 14 at Walmart and painted them and mailed them to her as well!!!!!
    Now what to do?

  5. I bet yours are better looking, mine got totally messed up blowing in the breeze through the window. Do you think we share a brain???